AL_PD is a 24 year old producer, DJ, 2D/3D animation and design artist. Born and raised in Cleveland OH, AL attended art school in Kansas City MO and now resides in San Jose CA.

Let’s talK AL_PD :

« My name is Alex Prudic-Dennis. My alias, as a producer, is AL_PD. Pronounced AL (Pal without the « p ») -Pee Dee. I was born in Cleveland OH and lived there until i was 18 years old. Then I went to art school in Kansas City MO, and now i reside in San Jose CA. Souf Bay shit… ever since i was little i have been playing music. I started with piano and moved to guitar when i was a teenager. i think i even played the recorder when i was hella young.. that shit is tight. bout to start playing that shit again.. real talk. Now i play this weird flute my dad gave me, thats made out of pvc pipe i think. I love playing the bass and drums whenever i can get a chance. i feel like the ability to play an instrument in a communal format is really important. the ability to let the music do its thing through you is something that i cherish. i am not a spiritual person, i don’t believe in god or any of that nonsense (no disrespect), but i do think music is the closest thing to any metaphysical entity id be willing to accept. By that , i guess i mean; if somebody were to prove music was some sort of spirit, id be like: « i fucking knew it. » it truly is, to me, eerily, on a greater or birthed from a significantly different platform than what we are familiar with. I also am a visual artist. I do digital (2D and 3D) animation and design. i also really enjoy drawing, especially from life. when i was still in high school i remember having to decide which area i wanted to focus on professionally (music or art). With that being said i am glad i picked the route i have chosen. the issue has certainly worked itself out. I am also so thankful for being given the opportunity to pursue the things that i enjoy most in life. I also appreciate the people that i am able to share this amazing experience we call life with. this shit is largely for y’all. ups »

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