Charles Dollé, aka Cvd, is a French producer of electronic music. Originally a guitarist, he was a student at the Groupe de Recherche Musicale (GRM) for two years. As a musician fascinated by concrete sounds, his work on sound/acoustic material is directly drawn from the electro-acoustic music, which he nonetheless moves away from through his minutely crafted rhythmics that preside over his productions, and through his attention to constant harmony.
He discreetly launched a first EP in 2011 before being noticed in 2014 wit “Surgical Goldsmith ”, an EP that tended resolutly towards “beat music”. XLR8R* or even Astronautico * describe him as a “sonic wizard” artfull in his fusion of aesthetics. Indeed, one of the main concerns of this young composer is not to be constrained by patterns and codes proper to one style, preferring the synthesis of genres to artistic formality. He’s also producing a rap band called Majin Blobfish*, dropping out this summer their debut album on Camelto records, the label he founded in 2016.
After performing on the famous stage of the Bikini in Toulouse, alongside Isaac Delusion or Griefjoy, the young producer did multiple live apparitions with Submerse, amongst others, the talented Japanese Daisuke Tanabe or more recently opening for Ras G and Squarepusher.


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