Dregs One

Words by Shane Menez

“Each one, teach one,” a proverb hip-hop artist Reza “Dregs One” Harris is living by educating his community in San Francisco. On and off the mic, he works with inner-city youth, and addresses social issues such as gentrification, and police brutality.

As a former at-risk youth, Dregs takes us through his life as a city kid during his early hip-hop career, delivered through his energetic yet poetic rhymes. He produces classic hip-hop instrumentals; jazz influenced yet “grimey-” keeping true to the underground sound of San Francisco.

His next album will be taking a slightly different approach, with Japanese producer Ill Sugi. While Dregs and Sugi have language barriers they’ve managed to work together through music which sparked the upcoming album, Universal Language. Harris describes it as “music for the soul.”

In an effort to keep building and strengthening communities, Dregs One plans to create his own organization and educate his community through workshops and events, all while living by his words: “My music, my community, and my spirituality.”

For performances, collaboration, workshops, and all other inquiries contact [email protected].