Electroom Acoostap

Electroom Acoostap, is the new character created Orlando Diaz Corvalan, representing his boom bap side.
The talented french producer is also the dj behind the monthly Stuntman Show.
He’s known also under aliases like Medline and Aillacara 2743 dedicated to his other style releases with labels such as Melting Pot Music, Names You Can Trust, Electric Cowbell, Still Muzik, Stereophonk and My Bags.

Electroom Acoostap approach of beatmaking is singular, always searching for new techniques, formulas and concepts to push the limits of creativity farther.
Not stucks into a pre-made style, each project bring new combinations but above all sounds like him.
Rich of his other musical experiences, Electroom Acoostap beats are progressive mestizo artworks moved by an human swing, emotions and a strong identity print.

Electroom Acoostap on the web