Ogiyy is ..
Beatmaker / DJ Born 1987. From Kyoto (Japan)
Ogiyy started DJing at the age of 16.
He started making music from the age of 18.
Moved his base to Tokyo when he was 20.
Rooted in the Hip Hop, Beats, Trap, R&B and Soul. He has been involved in sonar Tokyo in 2013.

2010 Finest Ego – Japanese Beatmaker Compilation (Project: Mooncircle)
2011 Val×Ogiyy – Taste of Freedom (Subenoana)
2012 Ogiyy – Duality (Day Tripper Records)
2013 Ogiyy – Blackout (Claxloop)
2014 Ogiyy – Nostalgia (Cascade Records)

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