Prof.Logik is 29 year old Gregory Grant a born and raised south-side Jamaica Queens, New York progressive hip-hop producer currently residing in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. Despite being a self-described “yank“, the professor’s music clearly has southern and international influences throughout.

A trip through the musical catalog of Prof.Logik is like an extended trip back home to the community you grew up in. It may seem like a strange way to describe someone’s productions at first, until you experience the atmosphere, nostalgia, and melancholy of his music and beats.

Little Gregory got an early start in music. At 8 years old; his first set of turntables. At age 10; he used a twin tape deck to construct loops on cassette tapes. From there, he graduated to a Boss SP-303 (that he still uses today). Today his home studio, “Prof.Logik’s Lab”, incorporates many more instruments which are outlined at the bottom of this article.

When he’s not producing, he can be found digging through vinyl crates in the back of thrift and record stores around Asheville, North Carolina – Greenville, South Carolina – and his resident town of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Online he spends his time on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Prof.Logik sends shout outs to the entire borough of Queens, all of his followers (and those he follows) on SoundCloud, his Future Science label mates, his Skew Records label mates, Cascade Records, SFDH Heart:Beat Radio Show, Grappa Frisbee Records, and all of the blogs online that support and post his music for the world to hear.

Proflogik Music