Ateller - 1001 NIGHTS EP - electronic music beats trap
  • Release Date: juin 01, 2015
  • Catalog No: CRDNL034
  • Label: Cascade Records
  • Type: Albums
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1001 Nights EP

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Album Description

« Much like the collection of arabian folk stories from the
middle ages, 1001 NIGHTS EP is also a collection of stories and
tales in the form of music and vibrations communicated thru
rhythms, harmonies and the esthetics of the beat. ATELLER tells
the story of a man in the strange nights of a big city, observing
loneliness, sexuality, beauty, ugliness, humor, complexion,
and chaos; 1001 nights in a city where no one belongs but
everybody exist. »

ATELLER is .. a producer from Brooklyn, NY Since the age of 12, ATELLER had been performing and touring regularly as a drummer with numerous acts, starting out at his hometown Tel Aviv, then relocating to Brooklyn. Inspired by his past activity in the Tel Aviv Jazz scene and his present surroundings of the New York hip-hop and beat scene ATELLER started to heavily delve into the world of beat making. In his beats he strives to combine the entire spectrum of his musical and artistic inspirations and create a unique new color in the beat music world.
Over the last 2 years ATELLER had been steadily gaining a momentum with both his original releases and collaborations, while performing and touring with his live act, in which he’s making live/improvised beats with drums, keys and a laptop.

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« The new track, dubbed “WOLFCHILD” is a lush piece of future-R&B, complete with stuttering clicks, taut bass drum and chords that seem to arrive and depart via every direction. »


« The track closest to our hearts (for obvious reasons) – “BK Dusk” – is a beautiful audio journey, melodic, sonically diverse and emotionally gripping. But maybe, that’s just us… Check it in your headphones (preferably on a walk through the city at dusk) »

Big Up Magazine

« The result is a collection of smart and sexy music that challenges typical drum patterns and keeps listeners on their toes in a way many of Rozen’s contemporaries simply can’t. »

Interview Magazine

« Encore un joli coup du label Cascade Records qui signe un superbe projet avec l’EP de Ateller, 1001 Nights. »

Le Mellotron

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All Music Written & Produced By Ateller
Mixed & Mastered By Ateller

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.