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  • Release Date: novembre 30, 2011
  • Catalog No: CRCDNL005
  • Type: Albums
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Chasing Her

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After the success of « Love Exposure », MC/Producer Broke returns with « Chasing Her », his first solo album.

This album is delivered in a jazzy soulful tone, mixed with elegant word play by the California emcee. If you into deep lyricism and jazzy soul escapes we highly recommend to give this one a good listen.

The result is an EP hiphop heads young and old can feel

Some words from Broke about « Chasing Her » :

« So this is it…my first batch of songs to be released officially. I find this more than a little ironic, considering that I figured no one was ever going to hear them. These songs were all written & recorded between the Summer and Winter of 2009, with the first mic I ever had. I never thought of myself as a great MC, but I felt like it was the right time to get my shit together and just do something. I had no intentions to make an album, I was just hanging out with friends and making beats. But soon everything started to come together and I felt like I had something. I think my muse for this project is pretty apparent, (read the title) though I hope I don’t give away too much in the songs themselves.

Even with all the rhymes I was writing or beats I was making, I would’ve never started recording this without the help of my dude Onset . I have him to thank for always pushing me to the next level, being a great artist and most importantly, friend. I’d also like to extend special thanks to Repeat Pattern and Phedeee for always lending their ears, and encouraging me to drop this in the first place.

A huge thanks and all gratitude go to Sal and the whole Cascade Records crew for being devoted to the art and making this happen. »


Artwork and Design by Yusf Ali
Lyrics by Broke
Beat Production by Broke except 2,3 and 8 Produce by Onset
Mastered by Barry Gardner

Special thanks to « BROKE », « Yusf Ali », « Onset », « Phedee »,
« Repeat Pattern », « Sal/SPORT G », « Broke’s grandma’s house »,
and all the Cascade’s friends ! »

Special shout to all artists (Producers, Artworkers, DJ’s, Webdesigners) who give us their best all days.

All Rights OF The Producers, ArtworkersS And
Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved

CRDNL005 [P]&[C] November 2011 Cascade Records

Album Reviews

Broke veröffentlichte vor kurzem ein kleines Solo Projekt auf Cascade Records und präsentiert ein wirklich schönes, rundes Werk mit Jazzy Vibes und sehr souligem Rap. Der Kalifornische Rapper und Produzent bringt den Sonnenschein aus “Cali” in die Winterzeit. Neun verdammt freshe Lieder mit Unterstützung von Onset auf drei Tracks.

CHASING HER, 9 tracks of some jazzy new age dopeness found only in the under underground.

Grappa Frisbee