• Release Date: octobre 20, 2014
  • Catalog No: CRTAP007
  • Label: Cascade Records
  • Type: Albums
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Cole Nibbe X Howie Wonder


If you know and dig deep hip hop and deli beats, you will be sublime by the power of Immemorial.

Sal Martin

I wrote most of Immemorial in New Orleans, Louisiana in
October of 2013 as a response to abundant conversation I
had taken part in or listened to among new friends and the
resurgence of old. Howie allowed me a proper and cohesive
platitude to express the energy of a circle I hold very close
to me. Direct phrases and ideologies were borrowed in an
attempt to share my hometown with whatever groups and minds
we’re lucky enough for Immemorial to reach.

Cole Nibbe

Been a fan of Cascade Records since the Badminton Club release,
hard work truly does pay off. Thanks to Sal Martin for making
this release happen, and thanks to everyone who’s been supporting.

Howie Wonder

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Album Reviews

This killer musical marriage is but a preview of what the duo has coming soon in Immemorial, a six-track EP featuring bars that Cole wrote during a trip to New Orleans.

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All Music Written and Produced by Howie Wonder
All Lyrics Written by Cole Nibbe
Mastered By Howie Wonder
Art Direction & Cover Design By Hidenori Koga
Executive Producers : Joe Art & Sal Martin

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.
CRTAPE007 [P]&[C] October 2014 CASCADE RECORDS