Ghostnaut Lips Move - rap hip hop raashan ahmad music instrumentals beats
  • Release Date: juin 03, 2016
  • Catalog No: CRDNL050
  • Label: Cascade Records
  • Type: Albums
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Album Description

Ghostnaut is a french hip hop producer based in Montreal.
Training pianist, his music oscillates between Neo-Soul, Jazz and
Funk to create a sound chill hiphop sunny driven by a synth fender
rhodes. Influenced by artists like J-Dilla, A tribe called Quest,
The Sound Providers.. he designs a modern conscious music
with a blend of Soul, Funk and Jazz with that fresh bombap old
school sound.

After the support of medias for his first project « In Dreams »
released in 2015 under the label Cosmonostro, he’s back in
2016 with his debut album « Lips Move » with Cascade!

This project was created between Wellington (NZ) and Montreal (CA)
with the featuring of legendary rapper Raashan Ahmad (SF), the poet
from Brooklyn Azeem and the inspired jazz band in vogue ‘Raw Collective’ from New Zealand. « Lips Move » is a melting-pot deeply groovy inspired by Africa, Jazz and sun.



All Music Written and Produced by Ghostnaut
Mastered by Richard Addisson
Bass on tracks 3, 5, 6 by Greg F
Guitars and Strings by David Bridet
Design by Dan Lish
Executive Produced by Joe Art & Sal Martin

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.CRDNL050 [P]&[C] June 2016 CASCADE RECORDS