Handbook - Reminiscence EP | Chill hip hop beats - Cascade Records
  • Release Date: mai 04, 2018
  • Catalog No: CRDNL071
  • Label: Cascaderecords
  • Type: Albums
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Album Description

These seven tracks share an energy between them. They were written at roughly the same time (with the exception of the vocals, which came much later) and express a feeling of positivity and optimism. ‘Reminiscence’ is snapshot of a moment in time where I was truly happy and content. When I named the EP, what I hadn’t anticipated was how apt the name was going to be. My life has changed considerably in the year since I completed the production and it really does remind me of a very different, and a very special, period of time.

Luckily, when I reminisce about that part of my life, I don’t feel bitter or that I have lost something, but I feel elated that I had the opportunity to feel that way. I’ve channelled the positive energy I had then into the person that I have become since.



Music Written and Produced by Handbook
Design by Shane Michael Roberts
Mastered by Barry Gardner
Web marketing by Joe Art
A&R / Manager by Sal Martin

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.CRDNL071 [P]&[C] May 2018 CASCADE RECORDS