Keys Zuna debut album cover _ Soul funk electronic music
  • Release Date: mars 23, 2018
  • Catalog No: crdnl070
  • Label: Cascaderecords
  • Type: Albums
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Keys Zuna

debut album

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Album Description

Keys Zuna performs somewhere between electro soul funk and acid-funk (remembering of acid-jazz). This highly inflamable sound is lit up by the warm, beautiful voice of keyboards girl : Kiala Ogawa, and stunned around by the syncopating guitar-beats-bass trio of her mates. Kiala’s singing has been nursed by afro-beat from the cradle since her dad is Fela Kuti’s guitar player. Ferdinand (guitar) and Hugo (beats), friends since school, have grown up influenced by classic rock’n roll and old school rap until they found a common taste for Gorillaz and Daft Punk.
On his side, Jimmy was born with a bass in his hands since his father was a bassman himself. They release their fisrt EP during summer 2015. Keys Zuna (Kizuna means link in japanese) got their stripes in many festivals (Diamant Vert, Copacobana, La Note Bleue), they also won a springboard award (Give me five). During these two last years they prepare their first album. More mature and more ambitious, it will be release in spring 2018 on Cascade Records. This first LP in one piece their craving for composing, for new experiences and for never doing twice the same thing.



‘Avec dans ses rangs une chanteuse soul, un beatmaker hip-hop, un guitariste jazz et un bassiste funk, le groupe Keys Zuna sort ce mois-ci son premier album éponyme. Un voyage immanquable. ‘

i-D Vice

‘Embarquez dans l’univers sinusoïdal du groupe parisien pour un voyage musical et visuel dans le clip de Creeping to the light. ‘

Fip radio

‘Les images du nouveau clip de Keys Zuna sont autant d’instantanés de vie, de moments à la fois simples et à la résonance universelle. Conciliant intimisme et humanité, « Creeping to the Light » se métamorphose en une vision microscopique du vivant, de l’existence et du sens dans les tourments d’un système solaire où chacun peut, enfin, trouver sa place.’



Music Written and Produced by Keys Zuna
Kiala Ogawa Vocal Lead / Synth
Hugo Besikian Beat / Synth
Ferdinand Cros Guitar / Choir
Jimmy Top Bass / Choir
Design by Hugo Besikian
Web marketing by Joe Art
A&R / Manager by Sal Martin

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.CRDNL070 [P]&[C] march 2018 CASCADE RECORDS