Nami is an Italian chill electronic music duo based in Bologna.
  • Release Date: mars 02, 2018
  • Catalog No: CRDNL068
  • Label: Cascade Records
  • Type: Albums
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Shimmer / Moondance

Stream / Download Nami’s debut EP ‘Shimmer / Moondance’.

Album Description

Nami is an Italian duo based in Bologna, formed by Riccardo Pestrin and Federico Tarozzi, two friends who met each other playing the violin in the same orchestra. Sharing the same passion for music, they gave birth to Nami a few months ago, trying to explore the more modern landscapes of electronic music. Their style is a mixing of hip hop, jazz and synthetic sounds. Riccardo and Federico have set themselves the goal of creating something unique, new and above
all innovative. “The idea of the EP came out during summer. Then, the first experimentations with sounds made the project even more concrete, so that a few months later, the songs were ready. We wanted to reflect the meaning of the word « nami », or « wave » in Japanese. The songs alternate, in fact, moments of tranquility to more dynamic ones, conveying jazz chord progressions and beat hip hop in an electronic style.”



Music Written and Produced by Nami
Design by Nami
Mastered by Nami
Web marketing by Joe Art
A&R / Manager by Sal Martin

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.CRDNL068 [P]&[C] march 2018 CASCADE RECORDS