Nikitch - New EP "All The Best" - electronic music, footwork, trap, hip hop
  • Release Date: novembre 18, 2016
  • Catalog No: CRDNL054
  • Label: Cascade Records
  • Type: Albums
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All The Best

Listen / Download Nikitch ‘s new EP « All The Best ».

Album Description

Nicolas Morant is a curious and versatile musician. At first trained as a child to classical music through the learning of the flute, he opens into new artistic
languages as jazz or electronic music within several different bands or projects.

Under the Nikitch alias, he’s been fastly supported by artists as Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garner, LeFtO and 20Syl, working with many worldwide based labels as Soulection, Ninja Tune, or even Brownwood Recordings. Pushing his musicality beyond genres or countries, he’s regularly working with several different artists like the singer Andreya Triana, the bands Tambour Battant and Submotion Orchestra, or even Dj Cam and Grems. You can find in Nikitch’s music jazz-colored chords embracing electronic music speediness, creating a unique language in which everyone could be immersed in.

With his new EP « All The BEST », Nikitch delivers a smooth organic and future beat project, a skillful mix between soul, club and analogic textures. This powerful and emotive tracks marks the sign of a new way for the young producer, it may seem like a cinematic lounge experience to describe his productions at first, until you experience the atmosphere, nostalgia, and melancholy of his music and beats. The start of a new approach more pop in his sounds.

Nicolas Morant est un musicien aux multiples facettes. Formé tout d’abord à travers l’apprentissage de la flûte traversière à la musique classique, il s’ouvre peu à peu à de nouveaux langages tels que le jazz ou la musique électronique au sein de plusieurs formations différentes. Sous le pseudonyme de Nikitch, il obtient rapidement le soutien d’artistes tels que Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, Lefto, ou encore 20Syl, et celui de plusieurs labels (Soulection, Ninja Tune, ou encore Brownswood).

Producteur sans frontières, ses collaborations sont nombreuses et variées, avec la chanteuse Andreya Triana, les groupes Tambour Battant et Submotion Orchestra, mais aussi le rappeur Grems. On retrouve dans sa musique la richesse des couleurs du Jazz mêlées à l’énergie frénétique de la musique électronique, créant un langage unique qui entraînera chacun à s’y plonger sans hésitation.

Avec son nouveau EP « All The Best », Nikitch livre un concept future beat résolument moderne, aux sonorités lounge, jazz et pop, oscillantes entre une dance-music fraiche et une musique mélancolique addictive. Dure de ne pas succomber aux charmes de ces envolées électroniques chaudes, de ces mélodies douces et suaves, pour un voyage immersif et sensitif au coeur de son univers musical unique!


Gilles Peterson [BBC Radio 6] played Nikitch on Show 10.22.2016 Listen

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Music Written and Produced by Nikitch
Design by Emile Sacré
Mastered by Barry Gardner
Executive Produced by Joe Art & Sal Martin

All Rigths of The Producers, Artworkers and Cascade Records Of The Work Reproduced Reserved.CRDNL053 [P]&[C] November 2016 CASCADE RECORDS