CR PODCAST 26 by Ohbliv

CASCADE RECORDS is very proud to present CR Podcast 26 by Ohbliv from Richmind VA, USA.

Ohbliv, with the smoothery!

What’s good everybody? This is the second podcast of the new year, courtesy of our dude Ohbliv from Richmmnd+ ^irginia. Everything from smooth jazzy joints to raw soul bangers, this is 30 minutes of pure butter. Oh is a super talented cat, so don’t sleep on this shit!

Please enjoy the mix and the interview after the jump

Thanks Ohbliv!


What’up bliv??

CR- Where are you from?
OHB- I am from Richmond, Virginia born and raised.

CR- When’s the first time you wanted to make a beat?
OHB- I first wanted to make a beat when I was 12-13 but I didn’t have a sampler so I would make pause tapes. I remember looping up the end of « Lyrics 2 Go » from my A Tribe Called Quest tape many times that way.

CR- What sort of sounds are you drawn to?
OHB- I’m drawn to anything that sounds interesting to me. Whether its jazzy chords, raggedy guitar riffs, dusty drums. I’m digging it. I’m a big fan of the sounds I grew up listening to, smooth jazz and RnB, smooth rock some would call yacht rock, and of course soul music.

CR- Why did you choose the alias Ohbliv? Any particular significance?
OHB- I’ve had many aliases this is the one that stuck. At first I was rapping under the name Brad Oblivion I’m a fan of cult movies and one of my favorites is the film Videodrome. There is a character named Brian O’blivion who was like the creator mastermind in the film so I was digging that. Also it comes from a lot of people telling me I’m in my own world and I’m oblivious to what others are doing so there you go.

CR- How would you describe your style/creative approach?
OHB- Raw smoothness, off kilter smoothness, lo)fi soothness, I don’t know….as long as it’s smooth. My creative approach changes with the beat honestly. I’m a fan of rough edges though, I try to keep the sound as loose and human as I can.

CR- What can people expect from this mix for CR?
OHB- This is a dirty mix featuring sounds that have been inspiring me lately, some unreleased music from myself, and some from my closest RVA cohorts.

CR- Any future projects you care to share with us?
OHB- I’ve been working on an album with rapper NickelusF called Yellow Gold which will be released soon. A few mixes, collabs are in the works
with some special people and an official Ohbliv album.

CR- Anything else you’d like to share?
OHB- Brush your teeth twice a day and floss.

CR- Favorite Motto??
OHB- Music is a mission, not a competition.

CR- Specials Shouts?
OHB- Man, I’m not gonna get too specific, too many people but, everyone whose down with we’re doing and continues to support this beat music.  Umm..
CMLK, JustPlainSounds, Wigflip, Klipmode, HW&W, RVA and The World. Love.


Keep on man!
Rugged Tranquility Beat Tape
Soulphonic Beat Tape


Artwork by DA


Download it Here
Available also on Itunes
CR Podcast 26 by Ohbliv

Tracklist /

1. Ohbliv- munnybeats
2. Ohbliv- gudtimes
3. Ohbliv- egokill
4. Ahnnu- skeeprism
5. Messi- Slight-
6. Quasimoto – Raw Addict pt 2
7. Sleaze- Sweet Sticky Thing
8. Shawn Kemp- sawwed
9. Mime- complete seas
10. DJ Harrison- Park Avenue
11. Mark Aubert- Outcrowd
12. Giorge Pettus- Don’t Put Me off Til Tomorrow
13. Gordy Michael -Today
14. Ohbliv- Fantasized Experiences
15. Ackryte-treasure
16. Ohbliv- Untitled
17. Ohbliv- Keepthefaith

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