Hear a boom bap soul track by Rich Garvey

Minneapolis rapper, Rich Garvey dropped his new track (produced by Ackryte) of the « Onyx Gemstone » EP today, premiered by Music Is My Sanctuary !

Rich Garvey’s EP « Onyx Gemstone » on pre-order now, dropping on december 1st.

Aesthetically speaking, “Onyx Gemstone” would be described as Lo-fi boom bap soul. Ackryte employs a collage of samples to create a warm feel acoustically, harkening back to Hip Hop’s Golden Era. His productions can be likened to the work of Ohbliv, Knxwledge, Tuamie, and foisey, which to some are seen as the new generation of Hip Hop producers who are staying true to the original art form, paying respect to those who pioneered the genre.

Listen the track and the whole article on Music Is My Sanctuary

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