Nikitch releases new ‘All The Best Remixes’ EP

French Beatmaker Nikitch has dropped his new EP, ‘All The Best Remixes’. The EP include two remix of Nikitch track « When It All Falls Down (feat Andreya Triana) » by Kuna Maze & Frederic Robinson.

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“For the exercice of remixing my EP, I chose two persons that really had a role of my musical path : first is Kuna Maze, classical trained musician that I met a few years ago at the Conservatory. We both began to make our first steps in the « bedroom producer » thing together, leaving the instruments we learnt at the same moment. Second is Frederic Robinson, wich I discovered throught his debut album Mixed Signals. The man really had a unique way to mix classicals music techniques of composition and digital sonorities that really speaks to me at the very first listening.” – Nikitch

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