STUNTMAN SHOW #7 feat. Groove Bunny

Peace to ya all !! China in da place ~
Glad to present to you ‘Stuntman Show 7′ the official Cascade Show hosted
by Electroom Acoostap aka Medline + guestmix by Groove Bunny Records.

For this new show, destination China, to discover how live the « beat » over there
with our guest of the day, the inde label Groove Bunny Records!
Beatmaking is a worldwide movement like the rotation of the earth ~ –

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Original Picture by Medline
Design byCraw (founder of Chemistry Magazine)

​INTERVIEW > Electroom Acoostap to Pete Chen

Hello Pete, when did you start beatmaking and wich gears / machines do you use?
I have been making beats since 2005. Used to experiment on Fruity loops, MPC 1000 and now am sticking with MPC2000, sp404, microkorg xl and cassette decks.

Explain us your workflow please. Do you use samples? From vinyl? Do you play instruments?
My beats are sample base so mostly I start seeking samples and drum breaks from vinyls, cd and mp3, chop them up, then match bass and stuff; might play a little instrument if i need.

Can you describe quickly your music in terms of colours, textures, feelings, images?
It’s like VHS documentaries or animation that you’ve recorded back in 80’s or 90’s.

How can you describe the chineese hip hop mouvement? How is the public? Is it big or just emerging?
Yes it’s huge! It has just started, I can see there are lots of opportunities need to be dig out. HipHop in China has it’s own way to grow, just like Japan and Korea; we just need more experience and communication with artists from all over the world.

What’s the artists that inspirate you? (hip hop, jazz, from any music styles)
Roy Ayers, Dorothy Ashby, Joe Pass, Minnie Riperton, Joseph Koo, Yuji Ohno,Beastie Boys, Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Countbass D, Chemical Brothers…. too many heroes to be mentioned.

Wich contemporary artist do you listen?

The japanese hip hop and beat scene is well known internationally, can you tell us what are the particularities of the chineese hip hop scene / beat scene? Do you think there is an asiatic touch or similarities?
China has been being influenced by Japan musically for years, especially hip hop nowadays; people are crazy about Dj Krush, Muro and Mitsu the beats. But I think Chinese hip hop is like an unpolished jade, there are lots of unknown talented DJ, producers, MCs and rare records hiding around. We have our own musical tradition and characteristic and it already exists in our blood and everyday life.

Do you collaborate with Japanese artists? And do you encounter particular problems to make your music known out of China? We discovered Chinese hip hop recently here in France for example.
Yes We recently have Japanese producer Rigly Chang to remix two tracks from our « Turn It Up » album, and hopefully will be able to collaborate with more Japanese MC DJ or producers in the future.
Honestly it used to be a lot of problems for people from other countries wanna know about China, of course music as well. But nowadays we have platforms such as soundcloud, instagram, twitter, banccamp and vimeo, they make things easier. Meanwhile I would like to say thanks to Onra, he have shown us the possibility of combining hip hop and old Chinese sample. Though the Government still have some sort of stupid policy of banning websites overseas, I would say this is best time for Chinese artists to introduce themselves to the world.

How do you start working with Groove Bunny? Is it a label handled by familly or friends?
It is an accident, I have actually finished the « Cantonese Boom Bap » album and seeking a label to put it out, otherwise we wanna spend some money to quietly release by our own lol! And Endy, the owner of GB, he just start the business and wanna help some indie artists on releasing their projects, at that time he just accomplished the first Eric Lau show in China, then he found us through our common friends. After a long discuss, we eventually make decisions: » Ok, let’s do it under Groove Bunny! »

What’s your next projects with Groove Bunny?
The upcoming project is called « Space Lover » by me and Wootacc, a Chinese veteran MC. The style is analog base original Hip Hop with Chinese lyric as usual. The album will be out in late July on cassette, CD and digital format. later will put out some beattapes and collaborate with MCs oversea, we will see.

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The Stuntman Show #7 mixed by Electroom Acoostap + guestmix by Groove Bunny

Tracklist /

  1. Jay-Z – I Can’t Get Wit That
  2. Joe Kickass – Gardener
  3. Shuffle Jack – My Funky Valentine
  4. Knowsum – Petrichor
  5. Dubs 50
  6. Al Dali – Waiting Room
  7. Walt G Jr. – On My Shit
  8. Arkanson – Deux Point Zéro
  9. Liam – Disposable Camera
  10. Luviia – Rainy Bar
  11. V.N.P. Crew – Work Process
  12. Drama Class – M.A.D.
  13. Electroom Acoostap – Holy
  14. Drig & Melodiesinfonie -Winter
  15. Jay Kubes – The Road
  16. Questions – Channels
  17. Ben Bada Boom X Robot Orchestra – The Kool
  18. Beathoven – Sid Still Muzik
  19. Cotton Claw – Switches Kelpe remix
  20. Db – Kingkongpingpong
  21. dtcpv – AAA
  22. Dutchy – Dedicado
  23. Robot Orchestra – Blips And Bytes
  24. Azaïa – 2099 Feat. Skanks
  25. Task1 – Heisenberg
  26. Houseshoes – I’m Black
  27. Zack Sekoff – Gino

Pete Chen (Groove Bunny) guestmix :

  1. intro – PeteChen
  2. untitled track1 – PeteChen
  3. wlvz – fitz ambro$e
  4. dreaming – wootacc (prod. by PeteChen)
  5. novah – PeteChen
  6. Boommachine – 檸檬精 (prod. by PeteChen)
  7. untitled track2 – PeteChen
  8. Yellow Gold – nikelusf & ohbliv
  9. untitled track3 – PeteChen
  10. ayeeee – PeteChen
  11. low batteries – Count Bass d
  12. wanna see – PeteChen

Shouts to Electroom Acoostap / Craw @thechemistrymagazine for design /
Pete Chen / Joe Art / Sal Martin / All Cascade creW ::: P E A C E ~

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