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Original Picture by Medline
Design byCraw (founder of Chemistry Magazine)

Hey Robot Orchestra and Shuffle Jack, welcome to the Stuntman Show.

When did you start making beats?

We both have been making beats for about 12 years now.

Who or what gave you the inspiration to begin beatmaking?

Robot Orchestra: For me, it was pretty much out of « necessity », if you will. I wanted to record a few rap-tracks back then, but
couldn’t get my hands on good beats. That’s why I decided to start making beats myself. I fell in love with making beats and
gave up my attempts to rap pretty quickly after that.
Shuffle Jack: As a child I imitated sounds with my mouth, which led to beat-boxing, which in return led to beat-making.
In the beginning I was making beats as part of a rap-combo. With time i found more pleasure in just making beats, because rap instrumentals have an innovative limitation.

When did you met? Is it a long buddies story or by hazardous circumstances?

We both started participating in the weekly Stones Throw Beat-Battle about 2 years ago and began to admire each other productions and nerdism’s, which sparked and interest to connect. Since we live in Berlin and Cologne respectively, we mostly communicate via internet. So it’s was more of a hazardous circumstance.

Why did you want to create Hobo Truffles?

Our first musical collaborations were a few tracks for an MF Doom remix battle. We noticed thet we get along very well and had the idea to put together a compilation. With Hobo Truffles we wanted to create a platform for producers to showcase their work and get in touch with like-minded people from all over the world.

What’s your main purpose with the label, add variety to the Germany hip hop and beat scene?

With today’s technical possibilities, we think beat-scenes are no longer defined by national borders or geographical distance. Although there are a few german beat-makers involved, we rather feel as a part of the global beat-scene.
In addition to the fore-mentioned fact, that we want to create a platform for artists, our main purpose is to create homogenous compilations with a central theme, as if made from one piece.

How is the state of the hip hop and germany beat scene todays?

We can’t complain really. The beat-scene here is getting bigger every day. Especially in the big cities where you have regular events solely dedicated to producers and their beats. We are quite happy with the fact, that the beat-scene keeps
growing and is finally starting to get the attention it deserves.

Do you think the beat scene need a refreshing or new directions?
Dilla’s or Madlib style for exemple inspired many beatmakers and we can hear this predominance in alot of productions today. It can be a good thing as booster but it can also kill variety.

What do you think about this?

There’s no denying that J Dilla and Madlib had an enormous impact on the sound of many beat-makers.
But even tho you can still hear Dilla’s and Madlib’s influence in many productions these days, there are also quite a lot experimental producers out there, who break away from the conventional formula’s of (boom-bap) production. It is lame to copy an entire style, but key to know that we all learn by adapting certain elements. The difference lies within the innovative element that we build on an existing foundation.

Do you experiment different technics to create music?
For exemple, without samples, live instruments, grab sounds from other sources than vinyl… nature, noise from city ect

Off course. Sampling alone bares to many limitations to let one’s creativity unfold fully. We produce without samples pretty regularly by using synthesizers, live instruments, our voices an the like. We are both percussion-nerds and record almost everything that makes some kind of sound and use it for percussion (be it chopsticks, a piece of paper, cereal, coffee beans or what-have-you).

Name an artist you really admire whatever the discipline.
Can you explain your choice in a sentence?

Flying Lotus. Bushing boundaries of beat-music through innovation.

Choose beetween these two words:
Stealth / explosive


Next projects for Hobo Truffles / Rob / Shuffle after Ode to Delia?

Our latest compilation has been out for about a month, which means we are about to get to work on the 3rd installment of our « Ode To… » series. Additionally, we are planning the first artist release on Hobo Truffles. Apart from Hobo Truffles, we are working on a collaboration album which will very likely be released by our friends over at Pragmatic Theory.

Any last words?

Many thanks for having us!
If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen to our latest compilation « Ode To Delia » on our bandcamp here:

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The Stuntman Show #8 mixed by Electroom Acoostap + guestmix by Hobo Truffles

Tracklist /

  1. Labtekwon – C.S.D.
  2. J’Von And Lakim – Lurkdynamites Comback
  3. L’Hamorabi – Ebni, Abni, Ibni
  4. MOka Only – It’s Best
  5. Zackey Force Funk – A$$$low
  6. Secret Xrigins – Excuze Yew
  7. Ferraju – The Dodgy Part Of Yourself
  8. Arµ-2 – Sick Vibes
  9. Marc Rapson – In Spirit
  10. Ill Sugi – Liquid
  11. Ogiyy – Movinon
  12. Qman1 – Yemin
  13. Sir Froderick – You
  14. Prof Logik – Gum’s Drop
  15. Oudies – Postmodernidad
  16. Electroom Acoostap – Healing Man
  17. Olof Melander – The Calling
  18. Queens D Light – Supreme Flavors
  19. Astronote – To You
  20. The Shoots X Lanzo – Plottin
  21. Rederf – Sub-tle-ness
  22. Gabriel Hays – Corporet Design
  23. S.F.T. – Loopphonics
  24. Matatabi – 19:40
  25. Youtaro – Holiday
  26. Antoje – Majin Bullet
  27. Git & Hubbs – Zoo

Hobbo Truffles​(Rob Orch & Shuffle Jack) ​​guest ​mix

  1. S.F.T – Climb
  2. Bluestaeb – Soul Caliber 9mm
  3. Maloon TheBoom – Entrance (Apavaloae Denis)
  4. Melodiesinfonie – Love Song
  5. Unda – Time Waste
  6. Sixfingerz – La Valse
  7. Chief – The106
  8. Bläp Deli – Okaay.Cork.
  9. Ben Bada Boom x Invention – Okapi
  10. Peet – Debris
  11. S. Fidelity – Second Chance (with LaNo and Tajima Hal)
  12. Lidly x Robot Orchestra – Wrecking Ball
  13. MazeOne – Hypnotic
  14. KommerzKlaus – Rozay Forgave Me
  15. Shuffle Jack – Trevor Phillips

Shouts to Electroom Acoostap / Craw @thechemistrymagazine for design /
Hobo Truffles / Joe Art / Sal Martin / All Cascade creW ~ P E A C E ~

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