Video : Cotton Claw – ‘Hangtime’

Watch Cotton Claw’s new video From « Elusive » EP !

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🎥 Hang Time | An idea of EDR
Starring Rosie Browning, Cassandra Mohah, Kali Mc Lurg and Alix
Editing EDR / Julien Carot
Consulting Gabriele Guastella at OVO
Set Federico Tetti
Hair and Make-up Aimie Benanan
Lighting Matphoto

Thanks to Alex à L’amour, Clara Gosselin, Benoit Dreyfus @ Soixantequinze Wanted, Soixantequinze production, Creative Lab, Valentino Alberini, Caroline Duby, Philippe Milliat, Benjamin Chelly, Nathalia Acevedo, Marco Graziaplena.

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